Thursday, June 19, 2014

Come see Toaster Guy at Heroes Con!

Hey Toaster Guy army! Sorry for the lack of updates - I've been good about the Facebook page, but lousy about the blog. But here's your convention schedule update! I'll be appearing at Heroes Con THIS WEEKEND, at table AA-205. I'll also be appearing at Taking Flight 6 in South Charleston, SC in July (more details forthcoming), Tampa Comic Con in August, and Creative Con (I think that's what it's called) in September! Lots of chances to come see yours truly LIVE and IN PERSON (what a treat, eh?) and fill the holes in your Toaster Guy collection.

Also, I'm selling prints, like this piece of Inspector Gadget fan art! I tried not to go too grim and gritty on this one. In fact, want to see a step by step process, from sketch to finished digitally colored art? OK! Here it is, in pictures!

This is my rough, done in Manga Studio. This was just for the idea... I decided I needed to get more action into the pose - a trusted friend told me my single-character pieces were too stiff and boring.

The pencils clearly show I added action, and I decided to swap the gun and magnifying glass. I liked the idea of him peering at the viewer thru the lens. The gun I was going to go with a Luger, but that's all I ever draw so I thought I'd change it to something else... I googled "pistol" and that's what I came up with! (You can see I ain't exactly a gun expert.) I added shadows throughout to help move your eye thru the piece. Up top could have used more shadows - maybe a black sky - but I wanted to add some color up there, so I left it. Also, note the trash cans... I forgot to ink in some shadows.

The finished art! I am not a colorist, but I am also free compared to hiring someone. So I colored it myself and I think it turned out pretty good. I'm colorblind, so this is half eyedropper tool (using Inspector Gadget screen shots, then tweaking the colors to my liking as best as I could tell) and half just winging it. My wife okayed the colors so I left it as is.

That's it! If you're headed to Heroes Con, please stop by and say hello!!

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