Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Post MegaCon Report and Other Comic Con Stuff

Man have I been neglecting the Toaster Guy blog lately! Please tell me you're followin' me on Facebook and not missing all the cool goings-on!

MegaCon was such a huge, unqualified success! Just about sold out of Toaster Guy #3 and 4, and several people bought complete runs. One group of teenage boys bought the first issue on day 1, came back day 2 for the second, and found me on day 3 just to get the last two! BUT - the coolest - the greatest thing - was this totally unexpected and unplanned cosplayer showing up AS TOASTER GUY!! The great Jason Fifer, who I met at a previous convention and who is part of the Toaster Guy army here in town, put a TON of time and effort into this outfit. Check it out!

...I'll also be appearing at ALT*Con in Tallahassee this coming weekend (4/12-13), and at several upcoming conventions including Heroescon in Charlotte on June 20-22; Tampa Bay Comic Con on August 1-3 (both of those are in tandem with my artist buddy Savy Lim); Creative Con in Panama City Beach; and more to come!

Come see me and say hi! Find me on Facebook (Aaron Hazouri or The Strange Adventures of Toaster Guy), Twitter and Instagram (@cartoonistaaron on both), or heck even Google Plus (Aaron Hazouri)!

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