Thursday, November 20, 2014

Five months later...

Has it been THAT LONG since my last post? Yikes! I've been so active on the Toaster Guy Facebook page that I'm afraid I let the blog languish in obscurity. Let's kickstart it again!

Speaking of Kickstart... the campaign to crowd-fund the second volume of The Strange Adventures of Toaster Guy was unsuccessful. I raised about the same amount of money I did the first time around, which was about a third of what I needed to turn Toaster Guy into something with more market appeal - namely, coloring it.

But because I am thick-skulled, volume two will go ahead... it just might be a little while.

I'm working with a startup small press publisher who has agreed to help fund the production of Toaster Guy thru twelve issues - that includes re-doing the first four (particularly the embarrassingly crude first issue) and eight more, a combination of standalone comics and 3 or 4 issue story arcs. I'm hoping to hit a lot more big conventions next year (in addition to Heroes Con and Mega Con) and give Toaster Guy a big push.

So that's what's up in the world of Toaster Guy... Not a whole lot at the moment! Which is pretty lame, as updates go... I just hated to let the blog lie fallow for so long without a post.

Come find me on the Toaster Guy Facebook page, if you're not there already!

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