Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How To Draw Sexy Pinup Cartoon Art

...Practice, practice, practice!

So I've been sweating over Toaster Guy #4, trying to work out some parts that just weren't working (I'm a lover, not a writer! ...Actually I'm not much of a lover either) and working on freelance stuff. I've done a few comic book conventions, and while sitting at my table at a recent con it occurred to me that I did not know how to draw cute girls. I drew these two:

(No idea why she is so weirdly pink)

...And a guy asked me to draw a "sexy female X-Man" on a blank comic book cover. Pressure was on!! So I drew one, he loved it, and I took these two drawings home. But I wasn't happy with them.

 So I did some looking, and some research, and while I was buying some coffee a cute tattooed girl rung me up. Inspiration struck and I decided to draw her. So here she is!

Pretty good, huh? But not much of a pinup. So I drew a few more...

This one was very popular for some reason

And I think I got pretty good! It seems like the way to draw cute cartoon pinup girls (well, women) is to practice over and over! Here's my latest two:

Well? Whadaya think?? 

If anybody reading this is in South Florida, I'll be appearing at PalmCon this Saturday. I'm at table 13. OK - back to Toaster Guy!

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