Monday, August 12, 2013

Self Publishing: Color vs Black and White....

Check this out!

Practically jumps off the screen, don't it?!

I've noticed, reading thru all the independent comics at the local comics proprietor, that most of the indies - even the handful of self-published books they carry - are in full color. Some of it is tastefully applied color, some of it is over-rendered, but very few of the books on the shelves are in black and white. Usually it's the dull "coming of age" biographical story type comics. You know the ones - minimalist art, some quasi-profound story. "Blankets" or something like it. Artsy stuff that I have neither the talent for, nor the interest in producing.

Anyway - for what I'm doing, I think it makes more sense to do it in color. I prefer black and white - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cerebus, The Tick, Flaming Carrot Comics - all black and white books that made a huge impression on me. I like the look of pure line with just a little shading. But at the same time, from a marketability standpoint... color rules the day. 

So my plan is to finish up TG #4 in black and white (yeah, I said "finish up" - I have a couple folks helping me edit down into its final form), and then to color the whole thing. I think it'll make a more attractive package for prospective publishers and for my portfolio, and I think it'll have more luck finding an audience.

Thoughts from anybody reading this - color or black and white? Which do you prefer, as a reader? As a creator, is there a reason to do black and white instead of color beyond "it's faster" or "it's cheaper?" I'm doing every part of this myself so all I really have to worry about is dragging it out forever... Which is a legitimate concern. But I think the end results will be worth the wait.

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