Monday, September 24, 2012

PAGE.....4 I think, jeezis it's so early

I'm so tired. I cleaned up page 4 (I told my wife I wouldn't work on comics over the weekend so I could, you know, bathe and maybe prepare a meal, but it's Monday technically so...). Here's the inked but not shaded page 4. Page 5 is on the table, pencilled but not inked. So Monday the goal is finish lettering Page 3, shade Page 4, ink, shade and letter Page 5, and pencil and ink Page 6.... Totally doable, right?! I'm gonna die.

You wanna see what I did over the weekend? "Shut up, Aaron, nobody cares!" Too bad. You know I wrote a children's book, right? And I occasionally build and perform puppets? So I went out with my business partner Rod and we performed for a group of kids. It was a ton of fun and a brand new way to destroy my drawing arm without actually drawing. Seriously I have a whole new respect for comics artists and Muppeteers.
That's me and Buddy (the dog) and Grady (the kid). Rod is in the back there in the orange shirt.

Anyway. Time for a couple hours of sleep and then back to the drawing table! I'm livin' the life!

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