Saturday, September 22, 2012

PAGE FIVE roughs... and other stuff

Busy day! I got the first shipment of #2, I filled orders, and I'm nearly SOLD OUT! Which is awesome! Toaster Guy is taking the world by storm, one Eggo at a time! Okay, I'm tired of exclamation marks.

Actually I'm just plain TIRED. The glamorous life of an aspiring comic book creator includes such highlights as trying to ink thru blurred vision at 3 AM; folding laundry at 2 AM; leaving home renovation projects half finished throughout the house; and repairing your damaged relationship with your wife as a result of half-finished home renovation projects.

Here's page four, with a little more inking. Not happy with how Spyke looks so I'm gonna add a little more to him. Looking at it now, the style is nothing like the rest of the characters, but whatevuh, I do what I want.

Here's the rough pencils for page five. This one is gonna get done this weekend. Technically not a page a day, but five pages a week. That counts, right? YES it counts, shut up, I was only asking to be nice.
Here's page 3 with shading added.
This whole thing is such a huge learning process. That plus the fact that immediately after I draw something, I'm convinced it looks like crap. Three or four weeks later, I see it again, and hey, it ain't half bad. I think I read once that Leonardo threw the Mona Lisa in the trash, and when he tripped over it a month later, he said to his assistant, "This is a beautiful-a painting! Why I throw it away?!" Then he slapped him. Since that fateful day, nobody ever tried to throw the Mona Lisa into the garbage, for fear of the vengeful wrath of the ghost of Leonardo.

It's late. Comments appreciated!!


  1. Ha! Keep up the good work, you are doing great!

  2. Thanks! I need constant positive reinforcement!