Friday, September 28, 2012

Historic documents

...Yeah, right! Historic to me, anyway!

Taking a brief break from page-a-day updates to show off some embarrassing early artwork. This stuff didn't make it into the Kickstarter video, I don't think, because I couldn't find it (I faked an early piece of Toaster Guy art for the video). I was trying to find something tonight and found this stuff - my original 7th grade drawings for Toaster Guy and the Master Ninja, and Bobby's drawing of Stopwatch from a few months later. (I found the original 40something page comic book I drew back then, too, but no way are you seeing that. Someone I KNOW might stumble across this thing.) Check it out!

You like how I labeled everything? I had a weird sense of humor. Now, of course, my sense of humor is completely normal.

This, I think, is before he took up smoking. I remember drawing this in woodshop class, which I was only in because they terminated the commercial art program in 7th grade and it was either woodshop or dance. (Nobody offered drawing classes to me. I think I can see why.)

 The real reason I decided to post this stuff - I'm pretty sure that's today's date on this drawing, exactly 20 years ago. Pretty neat, huh? I remember Bobby and I sitting at the kitchen table, trying to come up with characters. Somewhere I probably still have drawings of Amputation Man, Flying Fire Hydrant, and other terrible ideas for super heroes.

I'm knee-deep into the third issue, and so far, it's turning out better than the second. I don't know where this will go after issue 4 but it sure has been a blast!

Regular page-a-day updates to resume tomorrow!


  1. Awesome! I got my #2 issue yesterday and it looks fabulous. So excited for you! Keep up the good, hard work!

  2. Thanks! I don't know what to do with these millions of dollars that have poured in since the publication of the second issue!