Saturday, July 14, 2012

Update time! It's been over a month since I quit my job! Toaster Guy #2 is almost done! The cover is being worked on by a friend of mine, Paulo Gomes, who sent along a preview of what he's working on. Whadaya think?

Should go to press "soon" meaning "by August" and I'm on a pretty aggressive plan to have the whole four issue miniseries done by the end of the year. After that? Who knows!

More exciting news - I've "tweaked" Toaster Guy #1 and am going to start posting it, page-by-page, here on the blog! So forward the link to everyone you know! My plan is, starting a week from today, to post a couple pages a week so that by the time #2 is back from the printer, #1 is fresh in everyone's minds!

Here's hoping Toaster Guy takes off! Otherwise I gotta find a new job!

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