Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brief update

Just a quick update to let the Toaster Guy faithful know what's going on.

Issue number 2 is well underway, with hopefully a tighter script and better dialogue. I should have it in the mail to everyone by the end of the summer. I should also have a lot more time to turn around the next couple issues pretty quick because.... (cue drumroll)

...I quit my job! Last Friday I turned in my notice, and my last day is June 13. I'll miss the steady stream of dependable income, but it was time. If I want to do anything as an artist I need time to pursue it. I might fall flat on my face, who knows, but I have to give it a shot, right??

Also, I mentioned the Joustin' Beaver app that I did the artwork for. I never showed any of that art here, so here's the beaver himself! It was just on TMZ again the other day - I think Justin Bieber is trying to have the lawsuit dismissed. Good luck!

More updates to come fast and furious since I'll have a LOT more time, coming up!!

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