Monday, April 11, 2011

Toaster Guy and Master Ninja are eagerly awaiting their debut! I'm hard at work getting their first digital-only preview story together. I'm using this as a preview and hoping to get a little feedback on my art style. I'm doing things very "old school" - straight pen and ink, lotsa hatching-style shading. Not sure if it's clear and easy to read or not since I've never published anything using that technique. It might end up looking a little muddy.

Compare the panel above with the illustration of Toaster Guy at the top of the blog. Which style do you think suits the characters? Which is easier to read?

By the end of this week, "Toaster Guy Meets Spyke" (or "Untitled Introductory Story") will be finished and ready for distribution! Keep checking back for more updates!


  1. Stop second guessing yourself. Your artwork is always awesome. :)

  2. In my eternally humble opinion, the hatching style should be used for the interior of the comic, and the cleaner digital style should be used for the covers. The hatching contains a more personalized "old school" feel to it.The cleaner style would look great for the covers though.