Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey, everyone! I'm burnin' the candle at both ends here. My day job has everybody by the you-know-whats so we're working mandatory unpaid overtime, and so I'm working on Toaster Guy til the wee hours of the morning. As you can see, the Master Ninja is absolutely no help. So this'll be short. Longer more "arty" updates coming soon, I swear!

I asked on the Kickstarter blog what the best way might be to distribute digital copies of the first short story. I want to get it to all of my backers within the next few days. I was thinking maybe a downloadable password protected .pdf file? Or is there an upload service someplace I can use, where only a certain number of copies can be downloaded?

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Critiques of my artwork?

Oh, I almost forgot - the scanner is here!

It's still in the box - I haven't had a chance to hook it up yet. But thanks everyone! This thing is huge! I'll scan a couple sample full-size pages in the next week so y'all can see how it works!


  1. You could password protect the pdf file but there is no sure fire way of making sure only the backers get the comic. If the password gets leaked then anyone could download and open it.
    You could distribute the password using backer updates on kickstarter and I wouldn't limit the downloads of the file because if someone's download fails then they have lost their chance to download.

  2. You could use Dropbox and share a folder with the backers for a brief amount of time only?



  3. Dropbox sounds like a good idea. I can use myself as a backup if somebody misses the window of time to get it from Dropbox.

    Definitely don't want to limit downloads though, I'd hate for somebody's download to get interrupted and they lose it.

    Thanks guys!