Friday, February 22, 2013

Toaster Guy #3 is here!

Adventures in self publishing continue - Toaster Guy #3 is finally here! Not to mention a few more copies of #1 and #2. So anybody reading this looking for a copy of Jacksonville, Florida's greatest self publishing success, look no further!

My apologies for neglecting the blog lately - I've been working on some other comics stuff, totally unrelated to Toaster Guy - everyone likes ZOMBIES, right??

This is from a story called Wesley by Sabrina James Riley. A big time author and li'l ol' me illustrating her story! This will appear in a horror comics anthology called Skin Crawling Comics (I bet I mentioned it before) being put together by Rachel Pandich and featuring a bunch of talented cartoonists and writers.

Work on TG #4 continues! Anybody reading this? Hello? Hello??

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