Friday, January 11, 2013

Toaster Guy #3 cover art!

Here's the cover to Toaster Guy #3 - yeah, it's taken so much longer than I planned to get this issue put to bed. But actual paying work came up, and Christmastime, and my children's book... Anyway you don't care about this stuff. Here's the cover!
#4 is written and is in the process of being laid out. I am cautiously optimistic that it'll be done by the end of February. Also I have a fully pencilled zombie story that I'm waiting on approval to ink - it's appearing in a horror anthology called Skin Crawling Comics (Read more about it here) with a lot of other fantastic artists. It's one of my first times illustrating someone else's story, but the writer, Sabrina James Riley, wrote an excellent script that was a breeze to illustrate.

Anyway - more regular updates resuming next week, I promise! Thanks for reading!

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