Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Plugging away...

...Still wrapping up the shading and lettering on #3. Sometimes, I'll look at indie comics on the shelves and I'll wonder "how do those guys do it?" I mean, just drawing takes me forever - then shading, and lettering, and doing a cover, and updating this blog, plus freelance work as it comes along...

So I was interested to see this article on Comics Beat: Creator-owned comics don't pay much! It's a labor of love, and not much else. Plus, Jim Zub (the guy in the article) hires artists to do the lettering and coloring and inking and stuff. Here, it's just me. And not having a day job, I don't have the funds lying around (laying around?) to pay a colorist, an inker, etc.

Issue #4 is written, for the most part, and I'll be diving right in after #3 is done. And then? That's it! I'll shop it around and see if anybody is interested in publishing it on a bigger scale, or maybe I can get some other comics work out of it. I do have a couple small things I'm working on for other folks, so I won't be stopping all comics work or anything - far from it. But the saga of Toaster Guy will be done... for now.

Thanks for continuing to stick with me thru this! Stay tuned for more art!


  1. frank_one (the one on the technodrome forum)December 2, 2012 at 2:20 PM

    Don't give up, man. You are talented, this could be your chance to express this talent, this gift you have and even most important to express yourself. Maybe you can find a part-time job, stop making Toaster Guy if you want, but don't stop doing comics or drawing. You deserve more than a non-creative job and if you close the doors to this important part of yourself, the one that can give you more satisfaction, now, it will be a great pain in the future. Like you wrote somewhere, you are not so young anymore but still you are not that old yet for this kind of things. Don't miss these few years, it will be harder later. Just don't give up now! And.. when you are done with the Toaster guy, ever thought about collecting the four issues in a nice trade paperback?


  2. Hey thanks for that - I needed it!

    Sometimes day to day life gets in the way and takes your focus off of the goalposts. Time to refocus.

    As far as a paperback... We'll see!