Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday wrap-up

Well, the art is all inked and the shading and lettering is underway. But I wanted to post something else tonight - I just saw where a page of original Steve Ditko Spider-Man art sold for just under $140k. Here's the page, swiped from a Bleeding Cool news article (warning - it's huge):

I posted it huge so you can see the detail - one thing I love about Ditko is the, I dunno, "urgency" with which everything looks like it was drawn? Definitely see some influence on Frank Miller, with the combination of scratchy pen lines and large swaths of black ink. Most of all, what I like about it is the lack of any slickness - it really LOOKS like it was drawn.

I love the... Maybe "simplicity" is the wrong word. Maybe "uncomplicated" is what I'm looking for. Modern comics art (well, super-hero stuff, anyway) tends to be very cluttered and, in my mind, over-rendered. I love this good, old fashioned, cartooning. It works perfectly for the character and the stories and adds a kind of quirkiness to what would otherwise be standard superhero fare.

More of MY stuff next week, I promise - unless I can get a good discussion going on the finer points of comics art!

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