Friday, October 26, 2012

Page 13 inked and tools of the trade

Here's page 13 inked but not shaded:

...Someone in a prior post asked me to show what I'm using to draw. The pencils I use are Ticonderoga HB pencils, available at any office supply shop. The brush I'm currently using, because I ruined a half dozen and decided to go cheap, is a Princeton Neptune synthetic watercolor brush, size 0. (The one pictured is a size 4.)
I like this brush because it's small enough to get pretty good detail, but it holds enough ink that I can fill in the big black areas pretty easily. And the ink I use? Good ol' Speedball ink.

...The paper I use is Strathmore pre-ruled bristol board. I mentioned that before I think. I use Strathmore because, frankly, I consider Canson to be a bastard paper. Something about the surface, the weight, I dunno, but Strathmore seems to be superior for both sketching and drawing. I will say, I think the Strathmore blank bristol board is better quality than the pre-ruled stuff, but anything to save me five to seven minutes of work.

Big update tomorrow I hope - I've got a big batch of rough pencils waiting to be scanned!


  1. Thank you for letting me see your tools! One more question: I see in that picture a Princeton Neptune Script 4 and you say that yours is a #0 but there's no SCRIPT 0, only ROUND 0! So, is your brush a Princeton Neptune ROUND 0?

  2. Good question! Mine is in fact a round 0.

    I should mention, everyone I know uses a different brush, but most guys seem to prefer natural sable hair brushes. I like this synthetic brush because the bristles are just slightly stiff, giving me a little resistance, which seems to keep my line from wobbling too much.